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Glass Canopy Awning

Realize it an effective sun and glare protection through our shading systems. These systems protect against strong sunlight and high temperatures.


Get an effective sun and glare protection through our shading systems, which is mounted on the roof and the side panels. Especially on sunny days, temperatures under the canopy can be uncomfortably high. With our shading systems, this temperature is minimized and the comfort of living is increased.

We offer both visually and technically advanced outdoor shading / on roof shading, which are mounted on the canopy. Moreover, we specialise in patio roof interior shading or better known as sub-roof shading. Our roof shading systems provide comfortable handling and an elegant design.

(Of course, we can offer further products like regular awnings to you too.)

On roof shading / Over roof shading

An on roof shading or also called over roof shading is designed for installation on the canopy. Once the sunlight is getting intense, the temperatures under a glass canopy can be almost tropical. The on roof shading absorbes much of the sunlight already above the roof and thereby it provides effective comfortable temperatures.

The on roof shading from our company is technically and visually modern and high quality. The rails are made of stainless aluminum and it is powder coated. The cloth of the shading can be selected from our extensive fabric collection of Varisol in different colors and light transmissions. These high quality materials guarantee a long life time without fading.

The advantage of an on roof shading is particularly evident in terrace roofs with side elements. In closed rooms, it is important to intercept the solar radiation prior the glass, to prevent the heating of the air. This problem can be solved only by the mounted externally on roof shading.

The downside of a on roof shading is the cost factor. The whole shading system is permanently exposed to weather conditions and therefore it must be weather resistant. For this reason, the costs will be twice as high as that of an under roof shading.

on roof shading

Under roof shading

The under roof shading or interior shading, is the most common variety of shading systems. It provides the optimal sun and glare protection. Especially on sunny days, temperatures under the canopy can be uncomfortably high. This is effectively prevented by under roof shading.

The under roof shading from our company excites optically and technically. It shines in a modern design and the sophisticated technology ensures continuous fabric tension and a quiet and smooth moving in and out. The under roof shading is, with color-matched mounts, directly mounted under the glass and guarantees a pleasant stay on your patio. Our extensive fabric collection of Varisol offers a wide selection of high quality fabrics in different colors and light transmissions. The convenient operation is provided by the integrated motor. Optionally we offer a wireless engine. Through this also several shades can be operated particularly comfortable with a single remote.

under roof shading

T200 The Terrace Roof Interior shading

Is the most common shading for terrace roofs. Permanently mounted under the construction, it offers full shadows and removes reliable unpleasant heat and harmful UV rays.


F100 The slim vertical awning

This vertical awning in our range is particularly well suited as a side and front sight- and sun protection. The operation is similar to the terrace roof interior shading and it is realized with a tubular motor. Of course, the shading cloth is also not visible in the retracted state.



Shading by special glass

In addition to the on and under roof shading, which are realised through fabrics, it is also possible to provide shading through special glass. The following are the shading glasses we offer:

Insulation glass
Modern thermal insulation glass consists of two or even three layers. The basic principle is simple. The solar heat is reflected on the disk, whereby it is considerably more pleasant under this glass at high temperatures,than under normal glass sheets. The heat-absorbing glass is not a direct shading. The sun’s rays pass through the thermal insulation glass, only the sun’s heat is blocked.

Frosted glass
Frosted glass is an elegant way of shading. Frosted glass is opaque glass. It is translucent but opaque. The glass surface is roughened by a special sand blasting method. The light and the sun’s rays cannot pass through the glass, which makes it white and looks cloudy. In addition to the shading effect, a further advantage of frosted glass is the insensitivity to dirt. Plaster strips are not seen as in normal glass or white glass.

White glass
White glass is the opposite of milk glass. It has the highest light transmittance. An ordinary soda lime silicate glass, which is used in the building industry, has a clear green color in the glass. The amount of color depends on the manufacturing process. For white glass without a greenish tint the glass melt must have a high purity and a very low iron oxide content. A shading cannot be realized through white glass.

Dimmed glass
Dimmed glass is very suitable as shading. There are several ways to dark glass. There is colored glass, which is produced like this or colored films can be glued to the glass.

Smart glass
The so-called smart glass is a particularly convenient type of shading. The light transmittance of this glass is changed by applying an electric voltage or by sunlight or heating. In this way an automatic shading can be realized.

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