lighting glass veranda

Glass Canopy Lighting

Enhance your patio roof with an integrated lighting. Our LEDs are a special highlight. They guarantee a warm welcome, very low power consumption and long life.

An LED lighting is a stylish way to upgrade your canopy optically. Our energy-efficient LED downlights are integrated with concealed cable guide in the canopy.

The radio control offers easy operation. The soft light can be dimmed as desired, giving you a pleasant atmosphere to relax.

Look forward to cozy evenings under your patio roof. For a cozy lighting are perfectly adequate with a canopy of 5x3m 6 LED spots. If you want it lighter, we recommend 12 LED spotlights.

Our quality

Energy-efficient LED downlightsglass canopy lighting
Aluminum retractable case
Dimmable with remote control
2 years warranty
CE certificate

Key data

Input voltage: AC 250V
Output voltage: DC 9-24V
Output Current: 300mA
Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Power: 3-6W
Luminous efficiency: 85lm
Color temperature: 2700-3000K
Lamp Size: 52mm, height 24mm
Hole: 42-45mm
Set: each 6 Spots

Arrangement of LED downlights

Here are three examples of how our LED spotlights can be installed. These graphs show each a canopy with 5 profiles. This arrangement patterns are frequently used. You can combine the arrangements as you wish, but usually 1-3 LED spotlights are installed in a profile. The total number of spots should be 6 or 12 enclosure.

led-combinationsAll combinations are possible!

Looking for a quality and affordable glass canopy with lighting?