Safety Glass

Modern architecture nowadays uses a lot of glass which has its different uses.

Therefore glass manufacturers have developed many varieties of glass, which has its different uses. In a glass canopy safety glass, short LSG, is used. For a glass canopy usually 8 mm safety glass is used. This thickness can achieve a span from 65 – 75cm. If you want to realize a larger span, we use 10mm laminated safety glass, whereby a wingspan of up to 100cm can be achieved.

Many have heard the word before, but what does LSG?

It is the abbreviation for laminated safety glass. This laminated glass is found everywhere where you could be injured by safety glassfalling glass fragments. The safety effect of LSG is based on the binding splinters and the interaction of the glass and the elastic deformation of the films. The film, which in its simplest form, has a thickness of 0.38 mm, is extremely tough and elastic and extremely tear-resistant.

LSG is therefore an excellent glass to reduce the risk of injury, ie a glass for passive safety. A suitable combination of glass and film thickness as well as the number of single glasses, you also get an excellent property to active safety. Hence these glasses emerged known as “attack resistant glazing”. Apart from the safety factor, the safety glass has the advantage of long life and low noise.

If you prefer a cheaper option twin-wall sheets should be used. These plates are made of polycarbonate and have a total thickness of 16 mm with a hollow chamber.

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